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About us

ST Michael Seal & Packing HangZhou Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development, manufacture, sales and technical services of sealing products.
Our corporation exporting different kinds of liquid sealing material and products, is mainly engaged in producing three kinds of seals products: packing series, gaskets series, packing & gaskets sheets series. Such as graphite packing, Kevlar fiber braided packing, carbonized fiber packing, PTFE packing, spiral wound gaskets, pure graphite gasket, PTFE gasket, asbestos gasket, non-asbestos gasket, kinds of ring joint gaskets, sheets gaskets material, and reinforced composite sheet seats material etc. The products are widely used in petrochemical industry, oil refining, electrical power, steel, shipbuilding, ocean industry and so on.0ur corporation not only solve the problem of sealing leaking when the gas and chemistry flowing transport through pump, valve in the most electricity factories, gas factories and chemical plants, but also has been signed and used by famous enterprise and export a great deal to many countries and regions for example Europe, Middle East and south east Asia.
The company has advance facilities, abundant experience, bridle-wise staff team, sufficient material and product storage afford the seating product is good guarantee for the customers. All of our products are according to domestic and international standard. Such as: GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, ASME-ANSI, BS Further-more, we can produce according to customer's requirement or sample.
We are now an lS0 9001'.2000 approved company with this we able to ensure the highest service and quality to our customers. We welcome every enquirer for our products, may they be local or abroad, every enquires are treated with the highest priority.

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