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      Gland Packing:We render the traditional braided packing high - tech contents, We carefully sort and compound braiding fiber materials suitable for different applications and working conditions and pretreat the fibers with unique PROIM process, Our innovative impregnation process makes the high-dispersible nanosized graphite, PTFE and high temperature resistant lubricants evenly penetrate into each fiber and our advanced post-treatment technology keeps uniform quality in each part of our products. We carefully manufacture series of braided packing, which are applicable for different temperature gradients, pressure ratings, and medium conditions.
     Fiber Series
4000Y Pure PTFE yarn 1126Y PTFE Graphite Yarn 4010Y PTFE filament 1136Y Graphite-PTFE filament
3000Y Aramid fiber 1000Y Flexible graphite yarn 1610Y Carbonized fiber 1600Y Carbon fiber
8000Y Acrylic fiber MK-1910Y Ramie fiber 1201Y Flexible Graphite Yarn with Inconel Reinforced 1301Y Graphite Yarn Wrapped with Wire Mesh
3500Y Kynol fiber Yarn 3010Y synthetic fiber yarn 3020Y Ceramic fiber yarn 3030Y Glass fiber yarn
      Pakcing Series
4220 PTFE graphite with aramid in corners reinforced braided packing 4221 PTFE graphite braided packing inter .aramid 4230 PTFE with aramid fiber in corners reinforced braided packing 4000Pure PTFE braided packing
4001 PTFE with lubricate dipped braided packing 4002 PTFE + silicone rubber core braided packings 4080 PTFE filament braided packing 4010 Tank lid packing
1600 Carbon fiber impregnated with graphite braided packing 1610 Carbonizde fiber impregnated with PTFE braided packing 3000 Aramid Fiber Packing 3010 PTFE-impregnated synthetic fiber braided packing
1920 Ramie fiber impregnated graphite braided packing 1910 Ramie fiber impregnated with PTFE braided packing 3500 nomex fiber packing with rubber core 2000 Asbestos impregnated with PTFE braided packing
8000 Acrylic fiber impregnated with PTFE braided packing 8070 Acrylic fiber + silicone rubber core braided packing 5300 Flexible graphite with carbon fiber in corners reinforced braided packing 1100 Flexible graphite braided packing
1201 Inconel wire-reinforced flexible graphite braided packing 1410 Ignition loss-free flexible graphite braided packing 6600 Flexible Graphite Braided Packing (Tube/Round Section) 1126PTFE graphite braided packing
1127 built-in Kevlar PTFE packing 5400 Nickel wire reinforced flexible graphite packing 3030 Glass fiber Impregnated with PTEE Braided packing 3031 Glass fiber impregnated Graphite Braided Packing
3020 Ceramic fiber Braided packing 8800 Soft Packing    
  •    Graphite ring:

Made through molding of flexible graphite sheet and 1100 series braided packings
Applications: Packing sealing for valves, pumps and reaction vessels.
Specifications available: Φ10 -Φ1000

      Gasket:MICHAEL gaskets series are divided into non-metallic gaskets (flexible graphite gaskets, PTFE gaskets, PTFE envelope gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, asbestos rubber gaskets and rubber gaskets, semi-metal gaskets (spiral wound gaskets, flexible graphite reinforced gaskets and double jacketed gaskets), and metal gaskets ( kammprofile gaskets, Corrugated gaskets,  Ring Joint gaskets). We install 700 sets of special advanced equipment, annually produce 15 million pieces of gaskets, and conduct strict control for every production link from raw materials to forming of gaskets so as to ensure excellent quality of our every gasket. Our gaskets are the ideal seal for any type of flange connection.
Hoop Material & Filler Material 1710 Spiral wound gaskets 1720 Ring joint gaskets  
      Ptfe Sealing Products
MK 6500 PTFE Joint sealant MK 6510 PTFE ROD MK6520 PTFE FILMS  
      Rubber Seals:
Mainly made Of NR, NBR, SR, FKR or EPDM through formulation-optimizing, mixing, Sheeting, forming, and vulcanizing.
Supply range, Various "0" ring, Oil seals, frame structure Oil seals and Shaped pieces and so on.
Applicable for dynamic and static sealing under temperature up to 250°C.
      Mechanical Seals: Various novel structural-designed mechanical seals made of superior static and dynamic sealing materials.
      Plastic Composite PIPE: Steel lining clad pipe is a kind of high performance corrosion resisting pipe developed in recent can be divided into two layers, the external layer is seamless steel pipe with steel flange in both ends, and the internal layer, Which contact With corrosion medium directly, is plastic pipe With both ends flanged. It is made by special technique. It has lots of advantages, such as excellent corrosion resisting, friction resisting and ageing resisting property, high strength, easy installation and usage and etc. As well, you can select special internal wall, material according to application condition.
      Butterfly spring, fastener
MK-D8110 Ordinary disc spring MK-D8120 Medium load disc spring MK-D8130 Large load disc spring MK-D8140 Overloaded disc spring washer(DIN6796)
      Sewing Thread
PTFE Sewing Thread Superior Tenacity(S Grade/Red Bobbin) Medium Tenacity(C Grade/Brawn Bobbin)  
      Fiber fireproof cloth
Fiberglass Cloth Texturized Fiberglass Tape YCB 105 Carbon fiber cloth YCB 105 Ceremic fiber cloth
Glass fiber cloth      
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